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The home of the PsYcHeDeLiC Detached Garage, Category 5 Garage Rock Show and The Basement@Katherine Classic Rock Show - Way Of The Grid Radio.

We're also broadcasting our nearly famous but still obscure PsYcHeDeLiC Detached Garage Show Friday night at 9pm ET on

Way Off The Grid Radio (Internet)

Urock Radio PHL (Philadelphia)

Rock 103 FM (Central Indiana/Indianapolis) Friday at midnight ET on The Mix 103.3 FM (Birch Run, MI)

On Saturday, Class X Radio Network (Cincinnati) at 10am-Noon ET

Class X Radio Network Stations

WMWX, 88.9 FM, Miamitown, OH

WKCX, 89.1 FM, Crittenden, KY

WYNS, 89.3 FM, Waynesville, OH

Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky-East Central Indiana

KONG Monster Rock (Internet) 1pm PT

KZFX FM 98.5 (Fall City, WA) 9pm PT

Tuesday at midnight CT the PDG is on KPVL-FM 89.1 The Blend (NE Iowa)